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What is pIRC - pIRC is a shareware IRC Chat client for Windows. It is developed by and copyrighted by The aim to develop the pIRC is to provide a neat & clean place for Pakistani people who chat on internet from all over the world.

How to join IRC - First you have to run pIRC on your MS-Windows O/S, to use pIRC is very simple, you don't need to fill any form or information such as (your real name, email address, nickname, IP address and Local Host name etc.). Just type your Nickname, select your Favorites Room and click on Join button, and you will be connected with IRC world.

How do I get pIRC - If you do not have pIRC you should ask your local system admin to install a client on your PC or local area network. If you have a stand-alone PC with internet access you have to obtain and install a client yourself. There are many places from where you can get a copy of pIRC, also check out (Don’t worry ..It’s easy!)

What is a Nickname - On IRC you are known to others by a nickname. You are free to choose any nickname you like, up to 9 characters long. Do not use spaces and avoid unusual ASCII characters in your nickname. It is also very common to find people that use the same nickname and you may be asked or choose to switch nicknames to avoid confusion.

How do I create a new channel - A channel is automatically created as soon as the first person joins it. If you join a channel and you find your name as the only one there, you just created that channel. Channels on IRC are dynamic in the sense that anyone can create a new channel, and a channel disappears when the last person leaves it.

I need more information – If your desired information is not available in this help section, please contact us immediately, we’ll try our best to provide you maximum information. Soon our Q&A section will be started, so you will be able to as any question online.

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